Thank you for showing an interest in these new opportunities. This is an exciting time for Cornwall as we embark on the creation of a new company, with major ambition to build a better future for our communities.

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About the company…

Cornwall Council is creating a new Development Company with a remit to deliver the Council’s Housing Development and Investment Programmes. The objective is to build 1,000 homes in the first few years alone. Several major projects are already in the pipeline including the creation of a brand new eco-settlement in the centre of Cornwall and a £150m mixed use scheme that will transform the City of Truro.

The programme will not only bring forward much needed housing, workspace and infrastructure but will also generate an income to help the council to sustain vital services and continue its investment in the county.

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Why these roles?

One major opportunity is the scale and the ambition of this project. In delivering Cornwall’s Investment Programme, we’re looking at developing a company that will be the size of a regional developer and we will be doing this in the context of a high level of certainty of funding. What we want is a team that brings the expertise to match our ambition.

This programme offers genuine variety with developments across a mix of tenures and the opportunity to create a market-making workspace business. Our ambition is to bring forward good design that pays attention to Cornwall’s unique culture, heritage and environment.

We have clear political and organisational direction and you’ll be working with an ambitious local authority that is committed to the role it needs to play to bring forward these developments.

Our goal is to deliver projects and properties that are going to have longevity and contribute to Cornwall’s communities. This means good quality homes that people can afford to live in, that are cheap to heat, have good storage, have enough space that people can live healthily and happily and where people will have secure tenures. Coupled with this is a determination to use local workforce and suppliers wherever possible, feeding down into the regional economy. There’s a strong purpose that sits behind our ambition.

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The challenges…

We need inspirational leaders, connected in the development world and with a track record of delivery to lead this business to success. There will be inevitable challenges in developing the right supply chain to deliver across a large, rural county and, we’ll need to build construction skills across the region to fully benefit from this opportunity.

Our plans are high profile and there will be expectation to achieve and deliver a return. The people that we want to hear from will have to bring commerciality, entrepreneurialism and the ability to spot and capitalise on emerging opportunities. They must be both proven innovators and have a proven track record of delivery whilst bringing the drive and energy to build something from the start. The conditions around the formation of this new enterprise are truly positive, and there is a huge opportunity in Cornwall for those with ambition.